Auto Shutdown

Create schedule to auto shutdown computer easily, auto shutdown computer after defined time (i.e specify Hours and Minutes), auto shutdown at specified time (i.e let's say at 18:52:54), select range of days and specify time at which to auto shutdown computer. You can optionally select an audio file to be played when computer is shutdown. There's lot more apart from auto shutdown, download free to try software now. Navigate below to see another screenshot and download the software to auto shutdown computer with the option of your choice.

Screenshot displays how to auto shutdown computer

Schedule Auto Shutdown

View Scheduled Shutdown and other actions in the Main Window of the Software Utility.

Screenshot displays scheduled actions

Follow link Idle Shutdown, if you would like computer to be shutdown after inactivity.

More Information about the Software Utility listed above.

Download Software Utility to Auto Shutdown Computer.

Once PC / Computer has been shutdown using any of the available above ways, the software will not be able to start PC / Computer automatically. Download the Software now and give it a try whether it fits your need of auto shutdown, in case it does not fulfills your requirment of auto shutdown, feel free to browse other pages of this site, which lists many other available options. In case you still do not find what you are looking for, drop us a line and we will try our best to get the new feature implemented as soon as possible.

All above screenshots (i.e. Auto Shutdown and Schedule Shutdown) have been taken on Windows Vista. The above screens would look more or less the same on Windows XP and Windows 7. The Screens adjust themselves according to current Windows Theme, so if you have a different theme, the screens above will adjust automatically to your windows theme.