Shutdown Screen Saver

Now you can Shutdown a Windows Computer with a Screen Saver. The Shutdown Screen Saver will effectively can actually work as a Screen Saver with a twist. The Screen saver offers lots of other Computer Management features for Windows. The Shudtwon Screen Saver can be used on Windows XP, NT, 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or even on Windows 8.1. Just configure the Screen Saver to Shutdown Computer and the idle time can be changed using Control Panel as for normal Screen Saver.

Shutdown Screen Saver displays Windows Shudtown and other options

Requirements to use Shutdown Screen Saver

In Order to use Shutdown Screen Saver, you would need to have control over Windows Computer. Or in other words you would need to satisfy given below requirements.

Once you do have all the above rights, you can easily manage what your computer should do when left unused or inactive. Have a look at the Shutdown Screen Saver image to the right hand side of this paragraph which shows what else this Screen Saver can do. As you would see with many option the word Brute has been added which signifies that the selected action would be taken forcibly even if some unsaved document or program tries to prevent the Windows Shutdown. This forced action would make sure that that action would be taken at the expense of loosing some unsaved document etc. However if you do select any other option with which the word brute has not been added then, the action would be initiated by the Screen Saver, but if some unsaved document does not approves the windows shutdown, then the computer shutdown or any other action initiated by the Shutdown Screen Saver would be cancelled by Windows.

Configure Shutdown Screen Saver

The Shutdown Screen Saver can be configured just like any other Screen Saver using Screen Saver Settings of the Windows Control Panel. You can configure the number of Minutes before Windows should launch the Screen Saver and in turn the duration after which you want the computer to shutdown whenever left unused or inactive.

Snapshot of Screen Saver Settings configured to use Shutdown Screen Saver

Controlling Computer Shutdown can be really easy and quick to do and moreover there is no extra software running on your computer counting inactive time on your computer and hence the Shutdown Screen Saver can give you flexibility and full control over your computer's power state. As there are many other Windows Management features apart from Computer Shutdown, the Shutdown Screen Saver can be really easy to configure and a useful Screen Saver.

Idle Shutdown

The Idle Shutdown documents talks about more ways to Shutdown an idle computer. Other Idle Shut down Software utilities can offer more control over shutting down inactive computer such as popping up visual or audible alerts and more features.


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